Party's Back

from by Youthie

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"Dedicated to all the Bboys and Bgirls worldwide. Youthie and I wanted to bring back the house party vibe that we miss dearly from 90's hip hop music and films."

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(Lord Q Productions yeh yo!)
Party’s back! (yeh)
Where your moves at? (uh-huh)
I give a care if it’s fresh
Let’s express but don’t come wack (don’t come wack)
I know expression lies in all that being that I’m seeing
And I’m feening for the comeback (comeback)
So show the world what your made of (what chu made of)
Just let go and lets make love (make love)
Party’s back from the front to the back
And the track make you clap to the true fact
That this another level (uh huh)
We training physical and mental
And the element of metal is balanced as it settles, governs lung essentials (yeh)
Take a deep breath push it out--
We know that time is of essence now
And the crowd is aroused in the house
Throw your hands up come on let it out


Bboys where you at?
B-girls gather in, clap!
Everybody on the sides on relax (on relax)
Everybody from the front to the back (to the back)
Party’s packed cause your up for the groovement (that's right)
Holla back if you down for the movement (holla back)
See this track was built for us
Moving gotta keep it moving
Cause it keeps on soothing
Ooooh and when I see ya’ll on the rise
I party back with no surprise
I tell you laugh, cause we done cried
Party’s back, grab your stack, come on back, feel live! (feel live)
I know you move your feet (come on)
So come on feel this beat (that’s right)
Just come with styles unique
On any given day
Hey, on any given week now!


Ay Yo! B-girls where you at? (where you at)
Bboys come and get daps
Everybody on the sides on relax (on relax)
Everybody from the front to the back (to the back)
Rock the floor like it’s yours
Party’s packed!
From the core to the floor make a dull party crack! (make it crack)
Let ‘em know where your moves at!
Hara control, get collection of feedback
You’ll need that (need that)
You gonna get real wise
Party back highs
Reach for the skies! (reach reach)
You gonna get that prize
After all tries
You ready to fly high up (up up up)
Up and away
After work, we ready to play everyday
And everybody on the side bopping heads to the track
Feeling good from the front to the back
Party’s packed!


from Turn It Out!, released December 31, 2011
(M. Angeles-Franco, J. Martinez) Lyrics by Youthie
Music and scratching produced by AlphaQ (DJ Lord Q)


all rights reserved